Graceway Baptist Church Milton Ontario
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Our Ministries

Worldwide Missions

Believing that God’s plan of evangelism is for “all nations”, Graceway has an active missionary emphasis. Through visiting missionaries, various missions projects and an annual Missions Conference, our Church is challenged to pray, to give and to go so that “all nations” might hear the great news of God’s free gift of eternal life.

Sunday School

We encourage everyone to attend Sunday School classes where adults and children learn Bible truths at their own level. Classes start at 11:20 am every Sunday and is divided into the following groups:

Children’s Ministry

At Graceway, church begins for a child at birth! While parents participate in the worship service, we have the following programs for our younger ones every Sunday, 10:00 am:

We also have the following events at church, catered to children, to encourage them to learn more about Bible teachings:

Young Adults Ministry

The Young Adults Bible Study meets at the home of the Ashbys (2397 Sutton Drive, Burlington) on Friday evenings at 7pm. This is a time for young adults (ages 18-30) to discuss the Word of God as it applies to the challenges of life. For more information, call Pastor Scott @ 905-630-2179.


Singing anthems during our Sunday morning services assist us in our worship of God. The choir also produce cantatas and programs for special occasions such as Christmas and Easter.


Our ladies’ group meet together once a month at the church for a time of breakfast, fellowship, testimonies and learning from God’s Word. The group engages in discussions on a particular book or topic, hold annual banquets and retreats, and minister to those who are in need.