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Welcome Course

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

welcome course

When you visit Graceway, we think you might have questions. Questions about the gospel and the other important things we believe. Questions about the Bible, the church or the way we do things. So while the Christian life is a life-long journey of spiritual growth, we want to help you with the basics by helping you get to know Graceway and the message of the gospel which drives everything we do.

The Welcome Course is a 6-session course designed to introduce you to the most important things about Graceway. What role does the Bible play in our teaching? What is the gospel and why is it so important? Who is Jesus? What about the Holy Spirit? How do we relate to God? Is there really an enemy called Satan? What exactly is sin? Can we be forgiven? What role does the church have in our spiritual life?

Answers to these questions and more can be found by attending the Welcome Course. This is offered in various formats, but is currently offered on Sundays in the 11:30am Bible Study hour, immediately following the 10:00am worship service. All are welcome, free of charge. We hope you’ll join us soon!