Graceway Baptist Church Milton Ontario
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Service Schedule Change

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Beginning October 23rd, Graceway will be swapping their Sunday morning services! The new schedule will be in effect through December 11th at which point, we will evaluate and either continue the new schedule or revert to our previous schedule. The new schedule is as follows:

10:00 am Morning Worship Service
Junior Church kids (Ages 4-9) will join us for corporate worship and be dismissed before the morning message for their program downstairs.

11:15 am Children’s Sunday School
Ages 4-12 will be directed to their Sunday School classes from the Junior Church program.

11:30 am Adult and Teen Bible Studies
A time for digging deeper and discussing the application of God’s Word to our lives.

On Sunday mornings, we meet at 200 Main St. Our 6pm evening service remains at 103 Martin St. We encourage you to join us in growing together for God’s glory!